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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Make Your Own Chocolate Candy


This Easter, instead buying of store-bought candy full of sugar, make your own healthier version.

For this simple recipe you won't need a candy thermometer or any sort of sweeteners, just high quality dark chocolate, your favorite nuts, and a silicone mold.

I used a mold with 24 small squares, but you can use mini paper cups if you don't have a mold.

I topped the dark chocolate squares with raw nuts but you can get creative here and use fresh raspberries, dried fruit, coconut flakes, pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

8 oz 72% dark chocolate
Raw nuts of choice

Melt the dark chocolate slowly in a glass or stainless steel bowl placed on top of a pan of slowly simmering water. As soon as it's just melted, stir it until smooth.

Place your mold on a sheet tray so it will be easy to transfer it to the fridge later. Spoon the melted chocolate into your mold, making a layer of chocolate on the bottom of each square thick enough to hold the nuts securely but thin enough to make them easy to bite into.

Once you've portioned the chocolate, gently shake the mold to smooth the top of each square. Add your toppings and transfer them to the fridge for two hours.

Once they have set and chilled, work quickly to unmold them because your warm hands will cause them to melt if you handle them too much. Place them directly on a serving plate at room temperature or in a glass storage container in  the fridge.

Take them out of the fridge about half an hour before you serve them. Only move them when they are cold and once they come to room temperature, don't move them at all.

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